Ancestors Wisdom

 "No man can outwit the Anestors."  African Proverb

Ancestors Wisdom

The space between you and your Ancestors is as wide as the Stars in the Universe and as close as the DNA that shines like a star inside your very existence.  It sparkles the memories of times gone by, chills the air of your physical presence and warms the fires of trust, peace and love deep within your soul.  They have never abandoned you, they protect and guide you and when you recognize them, they smile their spirit smiles through your eternal eyes. 


From before time was called time and the Earth was fresh and new to existence, your Ancestors lived in this sacred place.  They built their lives as best as they could for themselves, their families and their descendants.  They did not know your name as you do not know theirs but as certain as the Stars in the sky, they were here for you.  


Ancestral Healing is at your beckoning call, at the tip of your spirit tongue and physically attainable through the right practice and ceremonial embrace.  Along with your "here and now" healing comes the responsibility of the then and now healing.  Reaching, extending and surrendering to the legacy and history of your families health, know or unknown, is the first step to healing.  The Ancestors wait with arms and spirits wide open for their children to come. 

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