"Don't you know yet, it is your light that lights the world."



In the earth way we never die, we merely transition or cross over to a new earth, a new way, a new life.  As one of our great teacher, Chief Seattle, said so perfectly, "There is no death, only a change of worlds".


The earth way tells us there are no ends, only new beginnings. Recognizing the mystery of spirit, the realities of eternal life, the elimination of confinements and re-discovering the roots of communication with and for our Ancestors are all essential parts of our own understanding of "The Journey".    


Setting out a spiritual plan, acknowledging our intent and properly prepare for our future existence, is the action. The Journey started well before we arrived on this good earth, it matures during whatever time we have in this existence and if your preparations have not already begun, it must start now. 


We all live, we will all cross over and with that reality we also live and grow beyond this good earth.    It's much more than the physical; it's taller than tall, wider than wide, bigger than big. We become unseen but seen; we become fearless and most important of all we must become true beings of love. Above dogma, beyond mans religion or any human voice; Love is the essence that we fly with, travel with and eternally live with.  We cross over into light and shadow and we will journey on.  


The Transition Teachings allows us to share those elements that sometimes hold us back, that restricts our acceptance and belief. The teachings can manifest with personal stories of past experiences with other families and friends.  This exercise will open our spirit eye to the beauty of everlasting life.  

Video "The Ancestors" by Darlingside

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