Dream        Time


“Life is a Dream, realize it. 

Mother Teresa

Dream Time Medicine

Our Dream Time is sacred time, no less important than our  awaken time.  So much of our existence lives in the dream time.  Our Ancestors dance all around, about and through our dream time like stars in the sky, they reach down as needed to bless your sacred space and time, to bring wisdoms, warnings and gifts. The love of our ancestors rest in the unconscious space of our soul.  They gently stir to life in our sleep space, awaken the lucid mystery of our existence and phsycially touch our very being with love.


Your dreams are your dreams, the purpose and meanings are specfic to your exisitence and life experieinces. Embracing that true realities, separating the unbalanced from the balanced, holding and retaining the messages and then understanding their purpose in your life are all part of our Dream Time Medicine. 


Love, Consciousness, Awareness,Unity, Peace

"Earth Dream" by Liora ~ "Wise Enough" Music by Lamb


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