Earth Citizens

Lionel Kitpu'se Pinn

Lionel is consumate story-teller and leader of his people.  He has also been called upon to be a Pipe Carrier and Keeper of the Ceremonies. He is passionate student of the Earth and her inhabitants.  While his physical ancertry consist of Native American (Mik'maq and Monacan), European, African bloods he is a first and foremost a "Earth Citizen".  


"Blessed by Being" Little Eagle


Hilda Kumpf Pinn

In February of 2004 through the lessons of life and the guidance of spirit, Hilda Kumpf Pinn awakened into a rarely experienced understanding of truth and peace.  "Shadow Teaching" was one of the wisdom's that came through that awaking.  Her  awaking open her life to her calling.  Hilda is also a Reiki  Master of the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage.  Her heritage and home is Germany her passion is for the Earth and all her Citizens.  


 "Through Shadow Teaching, we find a way to heal".  HKP


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