Earth Lodge

"The Earth has wisdoms to share, all we have to do is listen.Kitpu'see

Earth Lodge

The Earth Lodge Ceremony has been a part of mankind's teachings as long as mankind has been a part of the earth.  In that existence it has taken different forms and served different purposes. It provides the necessary teachings and wisdoms for a specific need and/or healing.  It is also a way to provide a glorious and abundant love to human kind. The Earth Lodge is more than any single ceremony, it is a part of a greater ceremony that consists of vast array natural born earthly elements of our here and now, as well as the full-on embracing of the metaphysical and spiritual here and now. From the simplest action of recognizing where we physically exist on the sacred planet to the deeper and powerful action of recognizing our earthly purpose. You must first learn how to prepare and approach the ceremony then in due time sit with its teachings. You then begin the gather the medicines of the lodge, in a sacred manner lift and embrace the ancient teachers, the stone teachers. You learn the way to build a relationship between yourself and the ceremony. Each element of the work is sacred; the gathering of the wood, the ties of the frame, the circle of life, the influences of weather, the interactions of water, earth and stone. The right mind, body and spirit is then set to receive it’s abundance of lessons.  The acceptance, surrender and respect of the work and all its components are essential to the understanding of the ceremony. Before ever stepping inside the lodge we must first step in side our intention and purpose for our action.  What is it that we seek versus what it that we need is?  Our hearts and bodies must be set in the ready place long before we enter this time-honored place of worship. We must look as deeply as possible to find our reasons and identify those elements of our own life that we seek to influence and, if necessary, change.  Always listen closely.

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