The Earth is loaded with people and organizations who have committed their valuable energies, deep intellects, sacred medicines and eternal love to the single sweet place we call earth.   They range far and wide, their goals vary depending on the specifics of their work, they are large, they are small, they thrive in your next door neighbor garden and they rise up like family on the other side of the earth.  Their one common purpose is solid, sacred and Earth-like.  With this partnership, we commend and joyfully endorse them as partners of our Earth Citizen Network.  We encourage you to visit their website, attend their gatherings and pass the word of their good work.  Please click on image below to learn more: 





Earth Partners

ECN Approved Videos of Interest and Purpose:   From Robert Revol: Plant Earth  

From Story of Stuff Project:  The Story of Bottled Water  From EArth Hour: Earth Hour 2015

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