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There are a lot of Earth Organizations and Groups out there, why this one? ECN is a strong believer in there is never too much of a good thing. Supporting other groups and organization in any fashion possible is a great cause and purpose.  ECN seeks to identify other like-minded groups who are doing the good work, making a difference and working toward a safer, sweeter, sustainable planet.  The goals of ECN are to create opportunities to teach and learn, identfiy places and people to share sacred time together. Participate in the ceremonies and rituals fitting to our times and needs.  More information at the Earth Partners Link above.


How is ECN supported?  Donations and volunteers. In addition, both Lionel and Hilda have created a new dynamic and meaningful earth-wise teaching platform which is singing to those seekers of medicines, truth and love. Both are available together and apart to present. To seek addtional information follow the Contact links above.  


Where is the Base of Operations for ECN?  ECN is a worldwide organization capable of being where needed when needed.  The goal is to travel and be of service.  Currently all ECN operations and functioning are mobile and on-the-road. Through the use of a cozy 5th wheel travel RV and pick-up truck, Lionel and Hilda are available as needed.  PHOTO


The Earth Warming UP?  Yes, while we can set aside the rising oceans and devastating draughts, while we have the ability and right to ignore the monster storms of our times and while we continue to abuse and over use the dwindling resources of our One Single Mother Earth we can no turn a blind-eye to the truth.  Science has solidified that truth with data and evidence not attained before.  Last year motor vehicles and corporate industries of the Earth alone dumped more than 25 tons of toxic carbon dioxide in to the tender blue skies of our sacred earth.  Read more at the follow link: Earth Observatory


How Can I Help?  All things start with you, the simple steps of your daily life (Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce), the example you live with your own immediate families, your extended families and friends.  Call attention to the wrongs that our occurring, be the the Earth Hero the Earth needs. Take Action when and where needed. Support by your voice, your vote, your participation and your donations to those organizations that our on the front lines of the protection of the earth and her children.  One of the most important nutrients of our existence is water; clear, clean, cool water.  Be hyper sensitive to its use, be mindful that every drop of water is sacred.  


How Can I Schedule a Earth Citizen Gathering?  Follow the "Contact" link above.  Give details about what your hopes and needs are.  Add details like dates, times and locations ofthe Gathering.  Provide as much information as possible.  We are only limited by the time, space and travel, the sooner we know the sooner we can add your gathering to our schudle. 


Ask your own question...  Got a specific question on your mind regarding the Earth Citizen Network and/or any other Earth-like question please follow the "I've got a Question"  link below, fill in the blanks and send it to us.  I promise someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


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