Greengrass Pipe Dancers


Greengrass Pipe Dancers, is a deeply personal history of Native America and the fundamental and profound processes by which they live their lives. 


Lionel Little Eagle pushes the envelope of expression and mystery in his biographical telling of his life from 1988 to 1992. The book is presented in 5 key elements which include:  


Tamara Lynn Brown, Little Eagle's wife who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987 at the age of 32. Her amazing and uplifting journey through the powers of medicine and mystery introduces the reader to an Earth-like perspective of peace and understanding. 


The Healing is describe as the second element and is initially pertains to Tamara's physical healing but later becomes her spiritual healing as well as a generational healing of a family and native people. 


The third element of the book is presented in a broader sense as The People which brings to life the beauty and majesty of the Native American culture.  Readers are given rare glimpse into the true existence of the "human beings".  The joys of life, the pain of loss, the power of ceremony and the sacred purity of love.  


The  fourth  element is a  significant  symbol and  spiritual   instrument  of  the  ceremonial  indigenous  life described in the book as The Pipe Bag. The specific  pipe bag of this story is thought to have been the personal  property of the legendary Lakota mystic and spiritual leader Crazy Horse. The book leads the reader through the 100 plus years of the chronological history of the pipe bag from its original Keeper Dr. Alexander Brown a reservation doctor of the late 1890s to his son, Vinson Brown and eventually to Little Eagle.


The fifth and more metaphysical element of the book is call The Dance. Little Eagle expresses that "Life is a dance" and the many phases and stories are steps in that dance. The physical dance most centered in the book surrounds the traditional sun dance of the Lakota Sioux nation.

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