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Poignant/Rich with Meaning in First Person Experiences May 9, 2014

By D. Deane (San Diego, CA USA) – In his dedication to writing it his own way, Lionel Little Eagle produced a gem. It is clear in the reading that his wife's love propelled him toward not just finding a cure for disease but finding fulfillment and peace through a series of interconnected & ethereal ancestral encounters in a search for healing. Greengrass Pipe Dancers gives voice to our passionate desire for wholeness, while enlightening us about the power of the revered and magnificent Pipe Bag. Take your time reading it...for it is filled with metaphor and meaning...well worth absorbing as a compelling journey of discovery, whether Native American or otherwise.


Mystery of the Pipe Bag . . ., May 17, 2013

By Pam Greenslate - The mystery of the pipe bag drew me into this story, but I soon forgot that as I followed the journey of Little Eagle to the essence of who he is. I was held by the gentle unfolding of his story; told in a clear, simple language with honesty and humility. For me it was no longer important to find out who the bag belonged to in history; it was important to follow Lionel's journey to his own source. It is a journey that hopeful we all will take. Whether or not we go to South Dakota, or attend a sun dance, his personal journey sets up a resonance that each reader may follow. His story is set in the landscape of North American Indian beliefs, but it is a journey any seeker can take in the context of his/her own beliefs. Lionel has bravely recorded his own discoveries and graciously shares them with us. As is said in some pipe ceremonies when we smoke the pipe we no longer pray to Wakan Tanka but we now pray with Wakan Tanka. This book teaches that we each are a part of that Great Mystery. It is good, Ah Ho.


The search for a healing turns into much more, August 31, 2012

By Diane Howard (CORDOVA, AL USA) - I've known Lionel most of his adult life and his Mother was a precious woman until cancer ate her body too. This is the story of her son's pain in life from watching loved ones die to this dreaded word: Cancer. When you pick up the book you can feel something in your heart is going to change and it did. Although, Lionel didn't share much of his life with others we both had a special friend, Truman Hill who encouraged our reading and writing. Through this man Lionel, I found as I read the book found his voice as a writer something some writers strive for all their lives and never achieve. I could actually hear Lionel speak the words as I read them and how spiritual that book turned out for me as well as him as I continued, spellbound reading the book. This is not only "just a book' but a spiritual quest for a seeker of the truth. I was touched throughout the book as you will be too while Lionel took his son to sweats and sat wondering how he would react. They are came looking for a cure but they get much more they get truth, a journey, a spiritual awaking, and while you read this book you are drawn in and become a part of something so much larger. I assure you in reading this you will nearer your spiritual journey in life as much as when you first picked up the book, "The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran. This is a must have book. I've went back to it again and again as I've dealt with things I didn't think I could handle. You won't regret this book!

A true gift to humanity!, June 11, 2012

By Maria De Clercq "Mieke Benton" (Oregon) - Green Grass Pipe Dancers is a gift to humanity. Life is sacred, the old native wisdom keepers knew this and lived by this truth. They carried that wisdom and used it for the good of all living beings. When abuse and distrust spread itself around the globe, the native people had to hide those sacred ways to keep them alive. Especially in the western culture we forgot that life is sacred and now most people feel lost and disconnected from themselves and others, from nature and the truth. Lionel carries those sacred truths in him and embodies them. He knows that it is time for humanity to remember that life is sacred and that it is safe now to share the native ways of his heritage.  Green Grass Pipe Dancers transmits this wisdom in a series of short stories that details experiences in Lionel's journey. Entertaining as it is profound. These stories give the reader a glimpse into the Native American traditions.


Lakota, March 18, 2010

By Frank Weissenfluh (Portland, Oregon USA) – Even though not Native American, My brother is a Greengrass Dancer. I have not seen him in over 20 years but recently had a chance to meet with him. I am fascinated by the Lakota ways and he has shown me a number of things of the Lakota. This book perceives what a Greengrass Dancer is and makes me more aware of how my brother has lived the last years.


Amazing Book On Crazy Horse Sacred Pipe, August 4, 2009

By Spielya (Olympia, Wa) - I knew Vinson Brown who was the second carrier of the Pipe Bag of Crazy Horse. His son-in-law was given this honor to carry that Bag just years before Vinson died. Little Eagle writes one of the most beautiful love stories involving A Native and a white women whose father brought about a profound understanding of Native Peoples in "Warriors of the Rainbow." Vinson was a changed person after living with a young Native from Panama. He captures, in his many books, the true essence of Native Religions. Little Eagle's journey with his daughter Tamara is so capturing that I could not put the book down. He returns the Pipe Bag to the most sacred spot in the Sioux seven areas and in so doing brings full circle a love story and a story of humans of each race helping others. This is a true story so strong that it tears at your heart---but in a good way. You must read it and see the beauty yourself. David Lewis, Choctaw and a fellow Baha'i---live in unity!!!! Last night 2/13/11 Arvol Looking Horse gave a talk on celebrating the Hoops of all Nations peace gathering on each 6/21. He explained many Prophecies of his people one being what would happen if exploiters would wound the Sacred Black Hills. This has happened and the Gulf Blow Out may have been what was referred to as the Creator's response. We know that the Hopi Prophecies of their Sacred Mountain are complete now moving us into the Last Days that is written about in all religions and the date of 2012 of the Mayan Calendar moves into focus. The Mayan Calendar had three Baha'i dates 1844, 1863 and 1912. Read Lionel's book for he goes into many things coming true. There are over 300 Native Prophecies fulfilled by the Faith, 1800 Bible Prophecies and scriptures marked completed. David Lewis


Where's the Sixth Star!, October 29, 2003

By Alex (Spokane) - The writer dares to go where others fear! I am very familiar with the writing process and the issues that this writer must have faced with the story he told. A monumental task to say the least. His words flow and tell a wonderful story of love, tradition and life without the rose colored glasses. It is a great book and deserves six stars.


A Outstanding Look from the Inside, October 7, 2003

By Phillip Righter (New York, NY) - Mr. Little Eagle has done something that very few writers have ever done. Taken me to the inside of a place I would never have had the opportunity to visit. What is amazing is that he does it with such ease and understanding. The places I went included the real world Native America, the deep and personal emotions of dealing with a serious illness and the loss of a loved one, his wife. The pace was easy, short chapters made the reading a gentle process. However, I found myself not taking a break. The next chapter led to the next event which lead to the next enlightenment. Little Eagle's relationships and friends along the way are fascinating and unforgettable. Steve Old Coyote played a significant role in the first part of the book as well as Arvol Looking Horse and the Kitchen Boss. The second part of the book dealt with the remarkable events surrounding the death of his wife, Tammy. He also returns to Greengrass and other Reservation location and meets more people like Tom Calfrobe the Cloud Watcher, Marie Not-Help-Him and the dynamic Pete Catches. His love and dedication to his wife is so evident and he willing shares those emotions. The third part he once again returns to Greengrass and encounters the mystery of life. Of special note is the connection between Little Eagle and the Kitchen Boss. Throughout the entire book you witness powerful and magical ceremonies and rituals. Sweatlodges, Sundance and Yuwipis. Another standout in the story is the legendary Pipe Bag of Crazy Horse. So much stuff. I am looking forward to future books by Little Eagle. Do not pass this book by. You will truly miss out on wonderful story and life. 


WONDERFUL book. A real roller coaster, April 16, 2002

By W. Lambdin "Two Bears" (Ellensburg, WA) - This book tells a WONDERFUL story of a white medical doctor caring for an Indian child with pneumonia. When the child began his recovery; the boy's father tried to pay the doctor, and Dr. Brown refused payment because of the way the Indians had been cheated and mistreated by the government that made treaties and habitually broke them, and white settlers. The boy's father was stunned by the doctor’s kindness, and insisted on giving him a pipe bag with bead and quill work. (A pipe bag is traditionally made from leather with two segments or pockets if you prefer. Traditionally; the pipe bowl, and stem are kept separate, and are only put together when you pray with the pipe.). This book tells the story of this pipe bag (allegedly belonging to Crazy Horse), and the story of the three people that cared for this pipe bag before returning it the Sioux. This book also tells the story of Lionel Little Eagle (the third keeper of the pipe bag), and his beloved wife "Tammy" that was dying of cancer. This book takes you on a roller coaster of emotions.


In some places you will laugh hysterically (as in 'Hey You' on page 37, 'Old Coyote's encounter with the kitchen boss' on page 46 and others. In other places prepare to find tears welling up in your eyes where Mr. Little Eagle relates the story of his wife's passing. and teaching "Trapper" (the son of Mr. Little Eagle, and Tammy" why they use the pipe (like making a telephone call to God), and Trapper picks up the pipe and puts it to his ear like a phone and wants to talk to his mom. There are many nice illustrations. On pages 59-62; Mr. Little Eagle relates one of the best versions I have seen of the White Buffalo Woman legend that I have seen. In my humble opinion; if this book does not reach you; you do not have an open mind and heart. The book conveys a wonderful story, and shares some Native American Philosophy.  Wah doh Ogedoda 

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