Marriage and Love

“Where there is love, there is life.” 

Mahatma Gandhi

Marriage and Love

Marriage and Love is the balanced unity of hearts, purpose and life.  It is not limited to the exterior but, in truth, is a sweet acceptance of interior. Marriage and Love is a life long journey, a deep embrace that starts and completes the process. Love is the reaching out and growing together, it is the journey and the distination. Love is infused into a relationship. Marriage may come first but true love  has no begining or ending but an eternal existence.  Soul-mates come and go and they all have prupose and meaning in our sacred life of love. Each fullfills a necessary teaching. The alpha-love is beautiful, soulful and sweet. It is an art that must be practice, trusted and cherished. You must put in to marriage and love basket more than you could ever hope to take out in order for it to overflow your life now and forever.


Through a series of ceremonies, teachings and intents you are offered the tools necessary to build the relationship you deserve and need.  

Video "The God of Loss" by the Darlingside

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