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Earth = Our singular sacred homeland, third planet from the sun. Naturally absent of boarders, politics and/or religions. AKA: Gaia, Terra, The Big Blue Marble and Mother Earth.  Earth by any other name (Click Here) is still our Earth.

Citizen = Our common and legal state of existence, either naturally born or embraced.  

Network = A system of like-minded connectivity with common interests and goals primarily created for the ongoing well-being and long term health and healing of the Earth. Providing mutual support in the advancements of the common good of the earth and all of humanity.  


The multi-colored "Banner of Citizens" represents the essence of our earthly humanity.  All humans  regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual-orientation, religious  belief, political view,  known and unknown,  who live upon this single sacred earth.   


The Earth Citizen Network Motto:

Live = The long, peaceful and prosperous life you were intended to.

Learn = Every day in every way the sacred realities of All.

Love = With all your being, soul and eternally. 

Laugh = Out loud with all your physical and spiritual being. 


The Earth Citizen Network Logo is US Trademarked and Registered. It represents all that the organization stands for.

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