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Shadow Teachings

In February of 2004 through the lessons of life and the guidance of spirit Hilda Kumpf Pinn awakened into a rarely experienced understanding of truth and peace. "Shadow Teaching" was one of the wisdom's that came through that awaking.  


For generation, these shadow teachings have been held back and often misunderstood.   Religion and superstition have always separated the good from evil, heaven from hell, life from death, light from dark when in reality, neither can exist without the other.  There can be no shadow without light and no light without shadow.  There can be no healing without illness and no illness without healing.


Only our greatest teachers and deepest thinkers were able to realize that the two are inseparable. Then only a rare handful of teachers dare to teach the lessons of shadow. Now for the first time we have an awakened teachers to share the tools of understanding shadow energy and help release the blockages that impede our spiritual growth and our eternal processes.  

Video "Shadows of the Moon" by Blackmore's Night

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