Spirit Speed

    "Why on the Earth are you there... when you're everywhere... come and get your share." John Lennon

Spirit Speed

Spirit Speed is the spirit movement of our true exisitence.  That experience of a deeply personal pre-action followed by an instant action/karma and then blessed by the sweet breath-taking awareness of our amazing life journey. They are a part of your physical and super-physical, day-to-day life, the meta-spiritual space that enters as needed or called upon. 


First... recognizing and exercising our awareness.

Second... embracing and honoring the grace.

Third... slowing our naturally slowed being.

Fourth... fully and humbly  honoring that place.


The crystal clear truth of our existence be made manaifest by the unvailing and more importantly, accessing this Spirit Speed essense.


These teaching guides the student through the processes by which spirit speed becomes an everyday part of life. 

    LIVE  view of our One Sacred Home... Planet Earth

From the Internation Space Station ~ Courtsey of NASA

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